What You Need to Gather Together for Your T-shirt Quilt
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 What you need to do:

1. Collect your favorite t-Shirts: You might use both sides of the same shirt, pockets, breast emblems, etc. This means that if, for instance, you want a 20 block t-shirt quilt, you might not need exactly 20 t-shirts.  You might only need 10 - 20 depending on what you use from each t-shirt.

2. Wash your t-shirts and dry without fabric softener. (A stained t-shirt = a stained t-shirt quilt).

3. For "In Memory Of" quilts we recommend using all items that are sentimental to you, even if the shirt is blank, torn, etc.  (We can patch your items).

4. Call us at 636-225-1967 for shipping instructions or to schedule an appointment.

It's that EASy!

"I love my t-shirt quilt. So warm and cozy and a perfect way to save my memories!"
Ashley V. - Quilt from t Shirts of Missionary trips, School, and Vacations

"Thanks so much! You understood how hard I worked for those t-shirts and you put them together into a beautiful blanket!"
Sheila F. -T-Shirt Quilt of Road Races

"Wow - She cried when she opened it!"
Todd R.-T-Shirt Quilt of Team Shirts worn by their 3 boys (Mother's Day Gift)

"Hope all is well. Everyone loved the quilt at school. Can't wait to see her face when she gets it. I know it will be great!"
Lisa - Memory Blanket made from grade school t-shirts for retiring teacher.

"You got him! You really got him! I saw him cry!"
Rhonda - Memory Blanket made from the t-shirts of each player for retring little league baseball coach.

"I wanted to stop running at mile 20 of that marathon but I knew if I did that I would not be able to put the t-shirt from the race in the memory quilt I planned on having you make. The idea of a second quilt of my race shirts from you kept me going!"
Lynn - returning customer, memory blanket made from her race shirts

t-Shirt Quilt St. Louis (Fenton) Missouri
tshirt Quilt St. Louis (Fenton) Missouri
tee Shirt Quilt St. Louis (Fenton) Missouri
t-Shirt Quilts St. Louis (Fenton) Missouri
tshirt Quilts St. Louis (Fenton) Missouri
tee Shirt Quilts St. Louis (Fenton) Missouri
Memory Quilt
Memory Quilts
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