From T-Shirt to Cozy T-shirt Quilt
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The ORIGINAL t-Shirt Quilt Company serving the St. Louis Area!
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The T-Shirt Quilt Company: 
A large percent of our quilts are made for returning customers and customers who learned about our memory quilts from referrals.  Customers love the way we craft quilts from tshirts.  Our tshirt quilts are snuggly soft and easy to care for.  Just snuggle and then throw in the washer and dryer as needed. 

Your job:
Collect your favorite T-shirts and Jerseys, wash them, and send them to The T-shirt Quilt Company

Our job:
Turn your favorite T-shirts into a COZY Tshirt quilt blanket that you will reach for time after time for years to come! 
From T-Shirt to Cozy T-shirt Quilt

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"I love my t-shirt quilt. So warm and cozy and a perfect way to save my memories!"
Ashley V. - Quilt from t Shirts of Missionary trips, School, and Vacations

"Thanks so much! You understood how hard I worked for those t-shirts and you put them together into a beautiful blanket!"
Sheila F. -T-Shirt Quilt of Road Races

"Wow - She cried when she opened it!"
Todd R.-T-Shirt Quilt of Team Shirts worn by their 3 boys (Mother's Day Gift)

"Hope all is well. Everyone loved the quilt at school. Can't wait to see her face when she gets it. I know it will be great!"
Lisa - Memory Blanket made from grade school t-shirts for retiring teacher.

"You got him! You really got him! I saw him cry!"
Rhonda - Memory Blanket made from the t-shirts of each player for retring little league baseball coach.

"I wanted to stop running at mile 20 of that marathon but I knew if I did that I would not be able to put the t-shirt from the race in the memory quilt I planned on having you make. The idea of a second quilt of my race shirts from you kept me going!"
Lynn - returning customer, memory blanket made from her race shirts.

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